SAPRO International

SAPRO is a company that exports South African products to expats around the globe. The task was to design a website that caught the essences of SA, but also had a product catalogue that was easy to search. The journey started with a Survey which was sent to all clients around the globes, asking about the pain […]


Labex after pursuing them for 2 years, they finally gave me a chance to show them how Digital Media and good SEO on their website would improve their ROI, we grew their followers in just 5 months to almost 10000 followers from just 81 followers, using Paid Campaigns, Google Adwords and fixing their SEO on their […]

VME Group

VME Group

VME group was an interesting challenge as they had gone through many changes, and still a bit old school. I had to convince them to do digital media campaigns and Google AdWords advertising to get to a new market. Which was done successfully through Facebook, Linked-in, Google +, Twitter and Google AdWords Advertising

Craft Academy Africa

Craft Academy Africa

Craft Academy is a Swedish based Coding bootcamp, who wanted to break into the African Market. Helped grow their fan base from 1000 followers to almost 4000 followers in the past 4 months on Facebook, using digital paid campaigns as well as post boosts from time to time. Facebook

twilight children

Twilight Children

Was a CSI project for us to help them get a footprint on the internet so they could raise funds.


Quartz Travel

Quartz Travel website before was dull and no life, here given the opportunity to use bright images to bring the site to life, making the user feel like they can’t wait to book their next travel experience through Quartz Travel.

inyatsi website

Inyatsi Website

Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd (ICGH) is a construction company that specializes in infrastructure projects, the design was clean, navigation easy and the site needed to load quickly. Here the UX journey was a bit of a challenge we had to base our research on their current Google Analytics data, they unfortunately didn’t want […]

XLink Website

XLink Website

XLink is a Machine 2 Machine Service company, with many product offerings for the start-up retail shop to large banks. The site was built in a way that would make the journey through the site easy for the customer to find a solution they needed. We sat for the client for a morning discussing the […]


Digibox Logo

Digibox is a marketing company that helped small business who could not afford big marketing budgets grow their presence and bottom line. The logo shows 2 people communicating on how to make the company successful. Strong fonts and colours are used.


Retro Designs Logo

A logo designed for a funky retro shop that opened up in Linden