About Me

Welcome to My World of Design and Code

UX/UI Designer, Traditional and Digital Marketer, Outdoor Road Tripping Enthusiast & Part-Time DJ who loves this changing world, as tomorrow is never the same. With over 25 years of experience in this forever changing

With over 25 years of experience in this forever changing industry, one of my many passions is to help clients grow their business by making sure that their customer’s full user experience and journey are a successful one on any software, web or mobile platform, which intern gives a positive impact to a clients bottom line.

From research to defining to ideating to prototyping to testing is a process I am passionate about to help understand the user behaviour and being able to take that information to design delightful experience.

Once the UX/UI journey is completed, I will assist the client with a digital marketing strategy and implementation to get the application out to market.

I am also very comfortable and love working in an Agile environment.

Through my career journey, I have learnt Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Muse, Flash Animation, HTML, CSS, Joomla CMS, WordPress CMS, Pay Per Click, Social Media Management and Advertising.

…In 2016 I got to fulfil a bucket list dream, discover another passion and that was coding:

I completed an intensive 3-month coding bootcamp through Craft Academy Sweden via their online real-time immersive teaching program. The skill set and knowledge that I have gained from this 3 month course includes Agile Methods and TDD, coding in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML & HAML, and testing with Jasmine, RSpec and Cucumber. I also scaffolded and built web apps for Rails with Postgres, as well as mobile apps using the Ionic framework and IDE tools such as Atom, RubyMine and DreamWeaver. I am very comfortable using Github, setting up branches and using git pong methods. We used Scrum tactics every day to keep up to date and we also had the opportunity to be scrum master and manage coding tasks and the team dynamics.

In life, it is never too late or too old to find your working passion and I am very fortunate to have found mine.