Lara Templemore-Walters

inyatsi website

Inyatsi Website

Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd (ICGH) is a construction company that specializes in infrastructure projects, the design was clean, navigation easy and the site needed to load quickly.

Here the UX journey was a bit of a challenge we had to base our research on their current Google Analytics data, they unfortunately didn’t want us to be in contact with their current customers to do any research or user testing. We looked at 5 competitor sites and asked the marketing team to pick one feature from each site, we discussed all the chosen features and then did a dot vote.

From our first session with the client, we developed a sitemap, user flow, and wireframes and again sat with the marketing team to go through the journey to make sure everyone was on the same page and from there develop 2 prototypes to send out to the company to go through and make comments. After sign off of the prototypes, the website was developed.