XLink Website

XLink Website

XLink is a Machine 2 Machine Service company, with many product offerings for the start-up retail shop to large banks. The site was built in a way that would make the journey through the site easy for the customer to find a solution they needed.

We sat for the client for a morning discussing the pain points they are experiencing with their current website and as well as their call centre. We took away the key finding from this session, had a look at XLinks Google Analytics as well as their key competitors and what they were doing and from there we put together a survey which was emailed to 200 customers.

From our research, we created the user journey map, wireframes and had an in-depth discussion with XLink Marketing team and their software developers. After some changes, we developed 2 prototypes and emailed the 200 customers for testing and feedback. Once the final prototype was signed off the XLink website was developed.